Fresh Design!

I like the idea, conceived back in the 80’s of the Virtual Agency. An agency that had all of it’s members working from their own personal computers, from home. Although there were the drawbacks of a limited ability to be involved in the back-and-forth of a brainstorming session or a quick idea bounce off another creative’s head, it offered flexibility in scheduling and money savings in overhead.

The new evolution has become this sort of drop a project in the water and see who bites, where a repository of designers subscribe to a site or sites and get the chance to bid on a project through either monetarily under-bidding the competition, or my more favored, proving your merit by offering spec design ideas. Yes, the old drawbacks are still there. However, I feel that the Virtual Agency has more legs than ever, to promise many options to clients and have new teams, or if requested, consistent teams, producing “fresh concepts” that, old agency fossils would never dream of.

What is needed then, is an agency mindset of collaboration and directors that are both Creative and Project Managers. Using the latest technologies to meet virtually and communicate objectives clearly. Just doing that, all day, would take a host of directors dedicated to only one client each… maybe more!

Of course, my guess is that if you know where to look, or at least search long and hard enough, you may find some clever software package out there that would help facilitate that.


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