Have You Hugged a Shark Lately?

Okay, maybe not the greatest of ideas, I’ll admit.  But sharks are really not our enemies.  A new study, or rather multiple studies have proven that due to our ignorance about our oceans ecology, we have over-fished it, to the point of virtual extinction, (in the case of many aquatic species).  Couple that with the fact that our oceans are warming up, due to the over-all warming of our earth, and you have the makings of a nursery for a new kind of pest.  Jellyfish.

And man have they taken off.   Jellyfish multiply 100 times faster than rabbits, and that’s a mild estimation.  They have adapted to the point that they can live in the harshest of environments, live in lifeless zones that fish cannot and are impervious to temperature changes and even oxygen loss.  They are multiplying so rapidly that they are overtaking fishing communities, poisoning fresh catches, clogging precious ocean cooling systems in power plants, oil rigs and major ocean vessels.  Many are poisonous and some are quite deadly.

Jellyfish are the perfect storm.

Do you want the Good News or the Bad News first?

I know your thinking, “If this is true, it gets worse?”.  So that’s why I’ll start with the good news.  The good news is that the Jellyfish has one primary predator that consumes them… and mind you, not many predators are out there that do.  I mean, I wouldn’t eat one, would you?

The truth is, if we don’t get serious about this problem, as fast as it’s growing, we may find ourselves consuming one, in some form or another, in the very near future… But, I digress.  The Jellyfish has one primary predator that has a veracious appetite, and could be our veritable knights in shining armor.

Yep, you guessed it.  It’s our friend, the shark.

Okay, now for the bad news… I warned you there was more.  The shark can’t help us the way we need it to because it has a predator as well.  You know the answer to this one.

If we don’t completely halt our overfishing of sharks, where will it lead us?  My feeling is, lets pour the “Save the Whales” money into the “Save the Sharks” fund and then maybe we won’t be eating Jellyfish in the future.


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