Truth In Advertising

Okay, I really like the cute little plugs that Nissan has in it’s new Happy Birthday to the Leaf TV commercial, but why is it that so many people believe that this is actually a real solution to our energy problem.  PLUG YOUR CAR IN TO AN OUTLET!!?!!… Really.  This is the best idea we can come up with?  Alright, maybe I have a slightly greater understanding of our energy sources, where they come from and what are real feasible solutions for our future.  Are we really in a shortage crisis with oil and gas? Talk to any oil and gas man, (actually in the industry) and they’ll tell you absolutely not.  Maybe one quarter to one third total loss of our potential resources since we moved from steam to gasoline, but we’ve still got hundreds of years of supplies, that’s not a problem for my kids, or even my grandchildren.

So lets poo-poo all that in favor of the environment.  I mean obviously this whole global warming trend and ozone depletion should have Washington really putting pressure on automakers to push the envelope, re-tool and re-distribute so that we’re making real strides toward a cleaner tomorrow, right?  At least that’s what we’re being sold. But Electricity?  Seriously?

If, and I repeat “IF” a car produces it’s own electricity through battery cells that recharge themselves continuously through the movement of an advanced alternator then YES, by all means, this is a great head start.  But when Washington said they were going to go to a fully electric car that you plug in, I asked myself do these morons have rocks for brains.

Let me explain by asking a question.  Electricity primarily comes from what source?

No, it’s not nuclear, and yes that is proving to be very dangerous and harmful to the ecosystem.  No, it’s not wind turbine power, water driven, geothermal or any of those other ideas that just aren’t working very well….  It comes from burning coal.

Yes, most of the worlds power comes from the burning of coal.  Coal that has to be strip mined, destroying the surrounding ecosystems, poisoning the water systems, killing off plant life and poisoning local inhabitants and yes, you guessed it, reeking havoc on our ozone — remember that’s what the rock-brains are supposed to be fixing?

Now, oil spills are nothing to ignore, but running our cars on electricity is no laughing matter either.  By all means, get a Prius… one that runs on gasoline, (not the fully electric version), and push your local rock-head in congress to push for Natural Gas reform…  Now there’s a great idea who’s time has come.

Oh, one more thing, most coal comes from China – yep more money for China — now are you seeing the rock-heads reasoning.  Natural gas is plentiful, much, much less harmful for the environment and most of the cash crop is right here in the grand old U.S. of A.

And, don’t even get me started on Ethanol.  Tell those corn farmers to make corn mazes out of their fields…  Hey, it’s a multi-million dollar industry right now!  Don’t believe me, just ask Brett Herbst .


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